Eamon Norman Barnett


Eamon Norman Barnett

QLD 4217

Eamon Norman Barnett has also registered Goods & Services Tax (often known as GST) since 01 Jan 1900. Goods and services tax, applies to most Australian businesses, is a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia.

Eamon Norman Barnett is an Individual/Sole Trader.

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Individual/Sole Trader

The Tax Office distinguishes between individuals and non-individuals. Individual is a term used to identify natural persons and non-individuals is a term used to identify entities other than an individual such as:

  • trust
  • company
  • partnership
  • superannuation fund
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92 418 365 729 is an Australian Business Number of Eamon Norman Barnett which is currently active from 29 Oct 2019.

ABN 92 418 365 729
Name Eamon Norman Barnett
Status Active
Type Individual/Sole Trader
GST Registered from 01 Jan 1900
Location QLD 4217